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MaxxForce™ 15
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MaxxForce™ 15 liter engines combine the most advanced engine technologies to deliver more torque and responsiveness at low rpm for outstanding fuel efficiency in heavy-duty vehicles. A high-pressure common-rail fuel system, duel sequential turbos, effective heat-management sytem and low-friction design convert the highest percentage of your fuel into power you can use. And that adds to low cost of ownership.

Inline 6-cylinder, 15,2 liter engine


15.2 L (928.17 cu. in.)


435-550 hp @ 2,700 rpm


1550-1850 lb.-ft. @ 1,000 rpm


Duel Seqential Turbocharges, Innercooler & Aftercooler

Combustion System

Direct Injection

B50 Life

1,200,000 miles


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