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GIBBS TRUCK CENTERS has been serving Central California since 1969. We have (6) six full service commercial truck dealerships offering the complete line of INTERNATIONAL and ISUZU brand products and services. We carry a multi-million dollar parts inventory to meet our customers' needs. Our Service Departments are staffed with Factory Trained Technicians with ASE certification. Should you require an additional unit we offer Rental trucks or full maintenance leasing through our Gibbs Idealease organization. Our state of the art paint and body shops can handle any make or model repairs. Looking to purchase a truck or tractor please contact one of our highly experienced sales professionals.


Steve Brancato and his International deliver daily doses of dairy to local Michigan families.

Steve Brancato is one of the last bona fide milkmen in America. For more than 38 years he's been faithfully delivering milk to his customers in the suburbs of Detroit.

"My original goal was to provide my customers with the best dairy products and to do it on time every single day," says the 57-year-old Michigan native. "They've come to rely on me, and that's what it's all about."

Brancato says he's been able to provide that reliability because of his 2003 International with MaxxForce DT engine. "My day starts at 2 a.m., and you never want to encounter a problem at that time," he says. "People want to wake up in the morning and know that their milk will be there. This truck has ensured that I am able to follow through on that promise."

Brancato says he has put more than 300,000 miles on the vehicle, traversing some of the toughest road conditions the brutal Midwest weather could throw at him. "We've had some of the most difficult winters anyone could ever imagine," he says. "And that truck started for me in the predawn frost every single day. It also handles great on the winter roads, giving me very few occasions to ever worry about getting around."

The truck is more than just a reliable worker. Brancato says it's also his most effective advertisement. "It's a beautiful vehicle and I've given it a real brand identity," he says. "It's got my logo with a black-and-white cow and a classic glass bottle of fresh country milk. It's got bumpers and diamond plating on the back, along with stainless-steel hitches. People love to see it coming."

And according to Brancato, it's helped grow his business in the process. "People who don't know me, see me and want to know more about me," he says. "People who do know me welcome me and my truck like we're part of the family." Brancato is now working with his third International over the course of his nearly four decades of reliable service.

"It's a very personal business," he says. "I started with 40 families and now I have about 200," Brancato explains. "Mostly it's from word of mouth. I've delivered to people for decades, and now I'm delivering to their kids. Heck, I'm going to their weddings! People know that they can trust me, and that's because of this truck."

And while the business has grown and diversified to include commercial deliveries to 75 schools and restaurants, it's the human connection that continues to drive Brancato. "I'll never grow to a huge level," he says. "I don't want to lose that personal connection. But if I didn't have a good truck, I'd be out of business. It's taken care of me, and even more important, it's taken care of my customers."


Welcome to the Used Truck Organization Dealer Resource Center

The International® Used Truck Organization (UTO) was established in 1974 with one primary role - to support the profitable sale of new International trucks. This mission reflects the realities of the heavy and medium truck markets - in order to sell new trucks you must have best-in-class used truck resale capabilities. The UTO is dedicated to helping International dealers develop their own used truck marketing resources. This strategic objective is intended to strengthen the overall International dealer network. It is essential that our distribution organization be an active participant in the used truck market in order to reach more customers and enhance our mutual profitability.

NOW....We Have NEW Used Truck Center......IN FRESNO
2712 South Fourth Street
Fresno, CA 93725


How to Perform A Parked (Stationary) Regeneration

If the vehicle has a Manual Regeneration Switch and the DPF Lamp is flashing:

  • Park vehicle in an appropriate location, set parking brake, and place transmission in Park (if provided) or Neutral, and allow up to one hour for the regeneration.
  • Set up a safe exhaust area. Confirm that nothing is on or near the exhaust system surfaces.
  • Ensure that your fast-idle and Power Take-Off (PTO) switches are off before starting regeneration.
  • Push that Manual Regeneration Switch to begin a parked regeneration. Note: Engine speed will increase, and there may be a noticeable change to the sound of the turbocharger during the regeneration process. Once the DPF is regenerated, the engine will automatically return to the normal idle speed.

  • Monitor the vehicle and surrounding area during regeneration. If any unsafe condition occurs, shut off the engine immediately. To stop a parked regeneration, depress the clutch, brake or throttle pedal.
  • Once regeneration is complete, exhaust gas and exhaust surface temperatures will remain elevated for 3 to 5 minutes.

Reference your Cummins Owners Manual and Vehicle Owners Manual for complete operating instructions.


Let us enjoy reading this story of Night Watchman.

The manager of a firm advertised for a night watchman.

All the applicants were present. But the manager was not satisfied.

He found something wrong with each man.

There was Raju, an applicant

He was sitting in a corner waiting for his turn of interview.

Manager found nothing wrong in his appearance.

He questioned about his health.

He got the reply that he was suffering from sleeplessness.

Manager was happy and appointed him.

Moral: Be real.

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