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GIBBS TRUCK CENTERS has been serving Central California since 1969. We have (6) six full service commercial truck dealerships offering the complete line of INTERNATIONAL and ISUZU brand products and services. We carry a multi-million dollar parts inventory to meet our customers' needs. Our Service Departments are staffed with Factory Trained Technicians with ASE certification. Should you require an additional unit we offer Rental trucks or full maintenance leasing through our Gibbs Idealease organization. Our state of the art paint and body shops can handle any make or model repairs. Looking to purchase a truck or tractor please contact one of our highly experienced sales professionals.

Durastar: Pipe Dreams

In the race to replace America's aging infrastructure, every second counts. Below our feet, thousands of miles of aging pipeline-some dating as far back as the early 1900s-carry natural gas and water to and from homes and businesses. If one of these channels were to rupture, the best-case scenario is a major inconvenience. At worst, a gas leak could trigger a deadly disaster.

That's where contractors like Indianapolis-based Miller Pipeline come in to upgrade the country's complex network of service lines as quickly and safely as possible.

For Miller, the work is constant, requiring a fleet of 500-plus medium-duty trucks-most of which are DuraStar® vehicles-to deliver employees and equipment to jobs in communities with nearly every type of terrain imaginable.

Energy supply

Parked a few feet away from the action is the DuraStar that makes the whole operation possible. Painted in Miller's signature yellow and equipped with a 10-foot dump body, the compact vehicle resembles an overgrown Tonka truck. But this is no toy. If the powerful yet nimble workhorse were to break down, the ripple effects would be felt immediately.

Medium-Duty Solution

According to Raver, the company's previous medium-duty vehicles weren't up to the task of hauling their heavy equipment, which has gotten even heavier in recent years since Miller shifted to bigger, four-wheel- drive backhoes. But with the 200 to 325 horsepower Cummins ISB under the hood, his newest trucks have more than enough muscle for the job.

Proven Partnership

"The DuraStar met that need," Carmichael says. "It gave us the flexibility to deliver a truck with a 10-foot body that also had substantial towing ability." And the Allison automatic transmission helps make the truck easy to operate, especially for the newer drivers among Miller's fast-growing crews.

Back on the job site, the new pipeline has been laid, and the DuraStar is ready to get back to work. Weighed down by a dump bed filled with four tons of detritus, it performs a tricky three-point turn and threads down a narrow residential road. Even a local resident walking his dog barely notices as the truck heads off with a full load.

Come visit Gibbs Truck Centers to see these Durastars on the lot.

Volunteers build canned-good trees at Oxnard mall

If 300 holiday trees are made out of canned goods - and each tree uses 600 to 800 cans - will that be enough to keep Ventura County residents from going hungry in 2017?

The answer to the equation is no, but FOOD Share's fifth annual CAN-tree food drive is still expected to bring in 200,000 pounds of food over three days. That makes a dent in the 12 million pounds of food that will be needed in 2017 if FOOD Share meets its goal of serving 10 million meals next year, according to officials with Ventura County's food bank.

Gibbs Truck Centers has contributed for over five years to the Food Share program. Gibbs employees actually built their own Christmas CAN-Trees! It is great team building for the company and showing our employees how we can help our local community and support FOOD SHARE.

These CAN TREES will feed the hungry in Ventura County and make a brighter Holiday Season for ALL!!!


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International Trucks LT Series test drive

This is the newly announced International LT Series tricked out with a 2017 Cummins X15 Efficiency Series engine paired with an Eaton automated manual transmission to complete the SmartAdvantage powertrain. The new truck boasts improved fuel efficiency and a multitude of DriverFirst amenities.

Come along as Fleet Equipment magazine puts the truck through its paces and sticks you behind the wheel of International's latest offering. Click here to see more...


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